Dynamic Imaging Solutions Preferred Pricing Agreements

The Library Federations have extended the arrangements with Dynamic Imaging Solutions for supplies
such as: 
item bar code labels, label protectors and 3M compatible security strips.

Order forms and terms of agreement extend to December 31, 2018 .

Barcode Labels:

BC Library Bar Code Item Label Pricing – 2018 FINAL

BC Library Bar Code Order Form 2018

Label Protectors:

BC Library Label Protector Pricing – 2018

BC Library Label Protector Order Form 2018

Security Strips:

BC Library EM Security Strip Overlay Pricing – 2018 FINAL

BC Library EM Security Strip Overlay Order Form 2018_

CD/DVD Foam Hub Protectors:

BC-Library-CD-DVD-Foam-Protector-Order-Form (valid to April 2018)

 Patron Card Options & Pricing:

British Columbia Library Federations Card Product Pricing 2017 (valid to April 2018)